Tuesday, March 06, 2007

ISG: Economic Development and Humanitarian Aid Needed in Iraq

The congressionally-commissioned Iraq Study Group makes over half a dozen recommendations pointing out the need for humanitarian aid and economic development projects in Iraq.

The NYT reports on a study by the Joint Warfare Analysis Center of the Defense Department saying that "the study found that violence in Baghdad drops significantly when the quality of life improves for Iraqi citizens," and "that a 2 percent increase in job satisfaction among Iraqis in Baghdad correlated to a 30 percent decline in attacks on allied forces and a 17 percent decrease in civilian deaths from sectarian violence."

The top U.S. general in Iraq says that there is "no military solution to the problems of Iraq," and that and "ultimate success in Iraq will be determined by actions taking in the Iraqi political and economic arenas."

In light of all this, EPIC has assembled a brief, easy-to read summary of all the Iraq Study Group recommendations pertaining to humanitarian aid and economic development. The summary is available here.

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