Friday, May 25, 2007

Who will be their champion?

A brighter future for Iraq is possible. But we need your help to generate hope.

Last week Erik wrote, "If Iraq were only populated by car bombers, death squads and the victims of both, then there would be no hope for change. Fortunately, Iraq has many brave souls struggling to make a difference in every sector of society. The problem is not that they don’t exist, but that the media rarely reports on their efforts."

That's where EPIC comes in. Through our increasingly popular Ground Truth interviews and new media, we’re educating Americans about the realities inside Iraq and promoting workable solutions for building peace.

But without you, we cannot sustain our efforts. Please make a generous contribution right now and help us raise $15K in May.

Through the Ground Truth Project, EPIC is advancing the solution-focused perspectives of Lisa Schirch, Eric Davis and other policy experts. We are amplifying the firsthand accounts of Iraqi aid worker Khaldoon Ali, Iraq War veteran-turned-advocate Jonathan Powers and other peacebuilders working against incredible odds. We are making their voices heard in the national media. And through EPIC’s blog, we are engaging thousands of readers in thought-provoking discussion about the future of Iraq and U.S. policy.

Despite ongoing violence, Iraq has dedicated doctors, teachers, aid workers and peacebuilders who are working hard to stabilize and develop their country. Their hope for Iraq is contagious, but their efforts rarely make the front page news. Without EPIC, who will be their champion?

Please help us to be a strong advocate for Iraq’s peacebuilders. Make a generous donation right now to bring us closer to our goal of $15K by the end of May.


Anonymous said...

I'm interested in contributing to help out with the 15K you are trying to raise this month, butcan you tell me a little more specifically what the money is being used for?

Emily Leaman said...

Anonymous -- Thanks for your interest in contributing to our fundraising goal. We value every investment in peacebuilding, and we welcome donations of all sizes.

I am pleased to report that 89% of all donations given to EPIC directly support our work to hasten peace in Iraq. Specifically, our efforts focus on public education, advocacy, and citizen action. Part that work is this blog, but it also includes our Ground Truth interviews, our work as co-chair of the Iraq Peace and Development Working Group (IPDWG), and a range of ongoing advocacy efforts aimed at protecting Iraqi civilians, assisting millions displaced by violence, and reversing the decline in U.S. aid for Iraq.

For more information about our specific programs, I encourage you to visit: From there, you can also check out our “About EPIC” section, which goes into more detail about our mission and has more information about our financials.

Anonymous said...

Every organization needs funds to keep going. Certainly you folks are giving it a worth effort. I'll be back on payday!

Emily Leaman said...

Thanks so much. We deeply appreciate any contribution you can make. And please tell your friends about us. Growing our membership is just as important as growing our finances.

Anonymous said...
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