Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"The Volunteers"

In the classic 1985 comedy "Volunteers," Tom Hanks plays a spoiled playboy forced to join the Peace Corps when his father refuses to pay off his gambling debts. Along with John Candy and Rita Wilson, he heads to a fictional town in Southeast Asia, where the group is tasked with building a bridge and finds itself in the midst of a 3-way feud involving the U.S. military, local Communists (hey it was the 1980s) and a drug lord. Hilarity, as you might expect from such a cast, ensues.

EPIC volunteer Julia Stutz makes a delivery to an office in the House of Representatives.Fortunately, EPIC has had considerably better luck with its volunteers, and a lot more fun. In addition to our two full-time interns, Geoff and Chris, we've been relying upon Julia Stutz, who comes in on Thursday afternoons to help with transcriptions, publicity and various administrative projects. Julia and former EPIC intern Natasha Mooney were invaluable during our refugee letter delivery to Congress, and we also received assistance from several Amnesty International interns who volunteered for one to two days each. Finally, we have recently enlisted Jessica Guiney, who is going to write several guest blogs for us and do some editing on our upcoming reports.

EPIC volunteer Natasha Mooney helps organize constituent letters.Without these volunteers so generously donating their time, skills and passion, our work would not be possible.

If you're interested in volunteering for EPIC on a flexible schedule -- possibly even from the comfort of your home -- contact us at info@epic-usa.org or fill out our Volunteer Registration Form. We have all sorts of projects and can use people with all sorts of different skills, including editing, graphic design, data entry, guest blogging and more. And if you don't have the time but want to make a difference, please consider making a donation to our work.

Just think -- in the time it might take to watch a ridiculous '80s comedy about the Peace Corps, you can instead make a meaningful contribution to real-life peacebuilding, possibly building your resume in the process. And I can personally guarantee that you'll have a much better time than the guys in "Volunteers," and your contributions won't get blown up with TNT at the end of the day. ;)


Anonymous said...

Volunteering at EPIC looks like a blast! I'll be in touch soon. I'd like to help deliver the next batch of constituent letters supporting the Iraq refugee bills in Congress.

jt said...

That's actually a good movie even if it's a little far out.

Emily Stivers said...

Anonymous - we're aiming for the 19th and 20th of July for our next "Hill Drop," so get in touch with us soon if you want to get involved in that. Otherwise, we have lots of other fun projects!

JT - it's a ridiculous movie...but with Tom Hanks and John Candy, it can't be all bad. Right? ;)

Anonymous said...

Think I'll get my copy out and watch it this week!

Emily Stivers said...

LOL well if I don't get any new support for EPIC, at least I generated some interest in a dumb movie. :P

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