Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Headlines 1/8/08

To kick off the new year, we at EPIC are planning to rejuvinate the Ground Truth blog, bringing you more news and insights about the current realities in Iraq.

With the news media continuing to feature only stories of gore and body counts, and political candidates only concerned with a falacious, black-and-white question of "to withdraw or not to withdraw", the need for honest reporting on Iraq is as great as ever. Meanwhile, conditions for the growing numbers of Iraqi refugees and internally displaced persons are ever more dire.

EPIC's blogging goal: to shine a spotlight on peacebuilding efforts in Iraq, so we can figure out what works and increase support for those policies and projects. And to raise awareness about the plight of those displaced by violence in Iraq, and tell you what you can do to help.

You can start off by supporting EPIC's efforts with a donation, here. Or email us for information on how you can become a guest blogger or contributor, and help keep us up-to-date on all the latest and most important stories.

Just to get things rolling, here are some of today's headlines regarding peacebuilding and the refugee crisis.

New Leaders Of Sunnis Make Gains In Influence
by Sudarsan Raghavan
The Washington Post

U.N. Refugee Agency Seeks $261 Million
By Eliane Engeler
Associated Press

U.N. says to help Iraqis choosing to return home
by Laura MacInnis

Surgery and Recovery, Then Back to Iraq
a slideshow look at the work of Doctors Without Borders, treating badly wounded Iraqi civilians.
The New York Times

Around Baghdad, Signs of Normal Life Creep Back
a slideshow look at how residents across the Baghdad are taking steps to return to normalcy as security improves.
The New York Times

Check back here regularly for more updates!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

The trouble is that the focus isn't on Iraq and especially little sympathy is going that way. We could end up at war with Iran before Bush gets out of office!

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