Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Headlines 2/19/08

UN Says Iraqi Refugees Need More Help
Associated Press
February 19, 2008
Iraq's government and international community must give more funding and support to resettle Iraqi refugees displaced by sectarian bloodletting, the United Nation's top official for refugees said Monday.

Iraq inches toward luring big oil investment
February 18, 2008
Iraq is inching toward attracting the billions of dollars needed to revamp its oil sector but international oil companies are still not ready to commit the massive sums required.

Sweden and Iraq sign deal to forcibly return asylum-seekers
International Herald Tribune
February 18, 2008
Sweden and Iraq signed a deal Monday that will make it easier for Swedish authorities to return Iraqi asylum-seekers who are not granted residency in the Scandinavian country, the Justice Ministry said.

Influx of Iraqi refugees bring Swedish town to its knees
Associated Free Press
February 17, 2008
A flood of Iraqi refugees to Soedertaelje is straining the infrastructure in this small Swedish town to the bursting point, but integration of the newcomers remains a top priority.

Iraq's Jihad Myths
Washington Post
February 17, 2008
Among Democrats and even many Republicans, it is by now accepted wisdom that the war in Iraq brought huge numbers of holy warriors to the anti-American cause. But is it true?

UN refugee agency boosts presence in Iraq
Associated Free Press
February 16, 2008
The UN refugee agency said Saturday it has boosted its international presence in Iraq and will intensify its efforts to support the war-torn country's two million internally displaced people.

U.S. Struggles to Tutor Iraqis in Rule of Law
New York Times
February 16, 2008
A mob had gathered by the time the F.B.I. agents arrived at the house where an assassin’s bomb killed nine people last year, narrowly missing a deputy prime minister. Fearing their own lives might be at risk, the agents gave themselves no more than 30 minutes to collect evidence.

Syria: Iraqi refugees can stay
United Press International
February 15, 2008
President Bashar Assad promised that no Iraqi refugees will be forced out of Syria while their country remains unsafe, the U.N. refugee chief said Friday.

Making (Some) Progress in Iraq
New York Times
February 14, 2008
Good news is rare in Iraq. But after months of bitter feuding, Iraq’s Parliament has finally approved a budget, outlined the scope of provincial powers, set an Oct. 1 date for provincial elections and voted a general amnesty for detainees.

U.N. seeks help for 'desperate' Iraqi refugees
February 14, 2008
Some 2 million Iraqis have fled their country, most seeking refuge in Syria and Jordan, and another 2.4 million have been displaced inside Iraq, according to the United Nations. The head of the U.N. refugee agency is on the road this week in the Middle East, trying to drum up more world support for a people in "desperate" straits.

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At least this issue is making the news. The question is how many people truly take notice!

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