Friday, May 09, 2008

Headlines 5/9/08

A collection of articles that shed light on the multiple dimensions of the Iraqi Displacement Crisis:

Iraqi legislators ask Iraqi Government to support refugees
EPIC is encouraged to see the Iraqi Government beginning to realize its obligation to help its own citizens. It is certainly a small step in the right direction and we hope to witness an increasing role by the Government of Iraq. We will monitor the story and will keep you updated on the developments.

Jordan pledges to UN continued help to Iraqi refugees
While this is important and encouraging, we strongly urge the Jordanian government to continue its efforts and we urge the United Nation to take a more proactive role.

More funding needed to help Iraqi refugees, UN says
EPIC has constantly and strongly called for more international support and it is our hope that the international community will do its part to alleviate a tragic situation.

Finally, two stories describing the beginning of a journey from uncertainty to ambition and hope. Iraqis in Idaho and Iraqis in Virginia.

All these articles strongly demonstrate that more work still needs to be done and more resources should be allocated to help Iraqis starting new lives in the United States. They also show the complexity of a crisis that undoubtedly requires our collective effort to be altered.

Photo Caption: Alaa A. Amir, right, translates some paperwork for the Saeed family — left to right: Robert, Thaer, Vivian, Stewart, and Steve. The Amir and Saeed families live in the same apartment complex in Boise. By Troy Maben for USA TODAY.

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Anonymous said...

These headlines are encouraging and discouraging at the same time. I want to thank you for raising awareness about them ,though. I really think we should try our best to help the refugees in general, but in particular the ones that have stood with us when we needed them (i.e. the interpreters). Keep up the good work. As a participant in the Iraq Action Days, I know about your efforts first-hand account.

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