Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Extraordinary Lives: Oxfam Commemorates Iraqi Women

What are you doing today? What would you be doing if you lost your home... your family... your income? This is the daily reality facing a huge number of women living in today's Iraq.

Huda makes bread for her neighbors in exchange for flour. [Photo: Oxfam]Around 82 percent of the 2.4 million people displaced inside Iraq are women, or young children under the age of 12. The following stories, collected by women’s organizations in Iraq, give a rare insight into how Iraqi women are trying to help their families survive, and retain their dignity in times of extreme suffering.

Shukriya's story
Shukriya collects drinks cans and nylon to sell to factories to make small amounts of money for her family to survive.

Three women in Baghdad
"As mothers we are the source of calmness and affection for our children. We have to hide our emotions, keep them to ourselves so that our kids do not feel afraid or worried."

Huda's story
Widowed, and living in an area with no job prospects, it is up to Huda to single-handedly look after her family – a seemingly impossible task.

Basima's story
Since the war, Basima, 60, works all day to provide food and warmth for her two grandchildren.

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Oxfam International for the full stories.


Anonymous said...

It seems women the world over have much in common.

Anonymous said...

these stories are amazing. Really give you a better picture of what life is really like in Iraq. Thanks for sharing!!!

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