Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What Should YOU Do About Iraq?

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Come to Washington, D.C. this April to urge Congress to respond to one of the greatest humanitarian crises of our time. Millions of Iraqis have been uprooted by violence. Families need food, medicine and shelter.

It’s time for action. It’s time for
Iraq Action Days, April 14 - 16.

On Monday, April 14, the Institute for Middle East Studies at George Washington University will host an all-day Iraq Forum, sponsored by EPIC and more than 20 humanitarian organizations including those operating inside Iraq and in the Middle East region. Then on Tuesday, April 15, and Wednesday, April 16, we will meet with lawmakers to urge them to do more to address urgent humanitarian needs of the Iraqi people.

♦ Strengthen humanitarian assistance to the region.
♦ Increase support for reconciliation, recovery, and community-based development in Iraq.
♦ Improve U.S. admissions and resettlement of especially vulnerable refugees.

Last year, thousands of EPIC members helped significantly increase U.S. emergency humanitarian assistance to the region. They also helped us pass Senator Kennedy's "Refugee Crisis in Iraq Act," which requires the Bush administration to expand U.S. admissions of especially vulnerable Iraqi refugees and provide a comprehensive action plan for addressing the crisis.

This April, we need supporters like you to come to Washington, D.C. to petition our elected leaders directly. Right now, Congress and the administration must take further steps to respond to the urgent needs of Iraqis affected by ongoing violence in Iraq. The first step begins with you.

It’s time for action. It’s time for
Iraq Action Days, April 14 - 16.


Anonymous said...

Although I won't be able be there, I completely support your mission. It should be nearing cherry blossom time in DC. Good Luck!

Ikez said...

I am going to really try to make it here.

Please post of recap of how it goes.

Mark of www.regimeofterror.com

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