Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Meet the Summer Team

For the summer of 2008, EPIC has a new staff of three full-time interns who will be working with Erik Gustafson from the beginning of June until the middle of August. Joining EPIC for the summer are Jonathan Willemain, Sarah Shannon, and Michael Gaubinger.

Jonathan is twenty-two years old and is entering his senior year at Towson University. He is majoring in international relations. He became an intern at EPIC through the Washington Center internship program. He chose to work for EPIC because he values its nonpartisanship and dedication to helping the Iraqi people. He enjoys rock climbing and fishing.

Sarah joins us from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. There, she studies Philosophy and English, and is entering the final semester of her senior year. Her on- campus interests include advocating for women's rights on behalf of Planned Parenthood [VOX], and working at the University Information Technology Services help desk. Off-campus, she enjoys cooking, reading, spending time with her friends, yoga, travel, biking, and exploring the outdoors, and her calico cat Ozzie.

My name is Michael Gaubinger and I reside in Northampton, Massachusetts. I am entering my junior year at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and am majoring in Political Science with a focus on American foreign policy in the Middle East and Constitutional Law. I decided to volunteer at EPIC because I think the humanitarian crisis in Iraq is dangerously underreported and ignored by most Americans. I, like Jonathan and Sarah came to EPIC through The Washington Center internship program. I love watching sports, especially teams from Boston.

We are all very excited to be working at EPIC to improve the humanitarian conditions in Iraq and build a more peaceful world.

Photo Caption: EPIC's Summer team from left to right: Sarah, Michael, Jonathan


John said...

As a former board member of EPIC, I'd like to extend my thanks to Jonathan, Sarah, and Michael for volunteering to work as interns at EPIC this summer.

Your efforts will help EPIC succeed in its mission to educate Americans about the realities in Iraq, and to extend aid and assistance to Iraqi refugees.

Your efforts are greatly appreciated!

Michael Gaubinger said...

Thank you for your support. I speak for the three of us when I say that we are very excited to be here and to have the opportunity to increase awareness about the crisis that has already displaced more than 5 million Iraqis.

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