Thursday, June 26, 2008

EPIC: Office Warming Reception

This week was a very special week for EPIC! We marked a new era for our organization with the highly anticipated Office Warming reception.

In celebration of our new quarters, we exhibited photos from the critically acclaimed “Faces of Iraq” photo exhibit. We also showed highlights from the Iraq Action Days Forum. The event was catered by Skewers, a local Mediterranean CafĂ©. The food, photos, and forum were received with great interest and enthusiasm by our guests.

We were only able to advertise and invite guests for a single week, but the turn out was impressive. We also decided to extend the invitation to our building neighbors.

It was truly wonderful to overhear and participate in conversations about our mission throughout the evening. Curiosity seemed to generate as the guests from neighboring offices investigated our newly transformed space. Those well acquainted with EPIC and those who are new to our organization alike created a great buzz and energy. All in all, the event was a warm and loving welcome for EPIC.

Thank you to those who participated; we appreciate your interaction and interest. There will be more to come in the future.

For those of you who were unaware of the move, do not fret. We are still accepting mail/donations at our 1101 Pennsylvania Ave SE. address, as that office will still be in operation as our office for administration and accounting needs.

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Patrick Swayze said...

This appears to be promising start to an important program. Your mission is truly inspiring and I am sure that your achievements will surely be epic.

No, I didn't just say that.

I take that back. That pun was just...terrible.

I am so sorry.

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