Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Making the Globe more Golden: Jolie helps Iraqi Children

An article from the International Rescue Committee (IRC), released late last week, reported that movie-star and humanitarian activist Angelina Jolie, along with husband Brad Pitt, will donate over $1 million to help children affected by the Iraq humanitarian crisis. $200,000 is reserved for education programs run by the IRC in volatile areas in southern Iraq. As EPIC discussed in a blog a few weeks ago, most of the displaced children are unable to go to school and their lives are constantly surrounded by violence. Through Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s contribution, more children will be able to attend school and According to Angelina Jolie, “These educational support programs for children of conflict are the best way to help them heal.”

In late February 2008, EPIC wrote about Jolie’s commendable efforts and published an Op-Ed she wrote in the Washington Post.

Photo Caption: Jolie visits Iraqi refugees. ABC News

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JenF said...

The sad part is that as generous of a gift that was, it really doesnt even begin to help with what is needed. Not to mention it is only a fraction of how much our government sends to the Iraq war, instead of trying to help it.

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