Monday, February 12, 2007

General Pace on the Iran-Iraq Link

Another update to the story below but the post is quite unwieldy as it is and this is an important enough update to warrant its own post. VOA News reports that General Peter Pace, the top American military officer, is more reluctant to come to the conclusion that the Iranian government is supplying weapons to Iraqi militias. General Pace explains:
"We know that the explosively formed projectiles are manufactured in Iran. What I would not say is that the Iranian government, per se (specifically), knows about this. It is clear that Iranians are involved, and it's clear that materials from Iran are involved, but I would not say by what I know that the Iranian government clearly knows or is complicit."
Very interesting.

Also here is the transcript of an interview Diane Sawyer conducted with Iran's President Ahmadinejad. The interview focused on the issue of weapons smuggling though Ahmadinejad never once gave a proper reply.

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