Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Shia-Sunni Grouping Call for Return of Displaced

An interesting story in the Al-Mada:
"During a recent meeting held in the city, the Sadrist current, Sunni Endowment and the Islamic Party called for Sunni mosques to reopen and Sunni displaced families to return to Basra. The groups pledged that security would be provided to Sunni interests. A joint Sunni-Shia committee was formed to follow-up on these promises, said Sheikh Adnan al-Silani, who is in charge of tribal affairs and public gatherings for the Sadr office in Basra. The two sides recently held a conference on Sunni-Shia brotherhood during which they pledged to end sectarian violence in the city."
A rift has been growing between the two secs on account of the level of violence but there was not always such a divide. The Shia and Sunni have a history of cooperation with many families and tribes actually being mixed. For more on the issue of sectarian identity, read this excerpt from an interview we conducted with Professor Eric Davis.

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