Friday, February 09, 2007

Iraq Calendar On-line

I finally made a special page on EPIC's website for the Iraq Calendar to allow for daily updates. The Calendar lists all Iraq-related events in the DC area from hearings to think tank forums. If you like you can also subscribe to receive the bimonthly edition in your inbox. In addition to listing events this pdf includes a compilation of recent government and NGO reports as well as transcripts, audio and video of past events. Subscription form is available here.

A link to the on-line Calendar has been added to the "links" section in the right bar.

Event Highlight:
2/14 USIP: Provincial Reconstruction Teams in Iraq
President Bush's "New Way Forward" in Iraq calls for doubling the number of Provincial Reconstruction Teams. These new PRTs will be imbedded with Brigade Combat Teams. A panel of officials from State and Defense will address the following questions: How do the new PRTs differ from those previously established in Iraq? Have challenges that have delayed the PRT program in Iraq been overcome? How do civilian led PRTs in Iraq differ from those led by the military in Afghanistan? United States Institute of Peace, 1200 17th St NW, 1:30-3:30 pm

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